Outdated model

Most launchpads just want to benefit their own token with lottery allocations. Then, users have a very remote chance of participating in the deals.

But even if a lucky user gets to participate, they don't offer any refund protection if the deal goes wrong, if it turns out that the project was a scam or even if the team is not acting correctly and dumps the price. Users have to trust in their project selection without any other choice. We don't think that's fair and that's why we offer refund for participants in those cases.

In the projects side, almost every launchpad takes a huge fee from the raised amount, hurting the project. We don't do it that way. We take 0% fees from the raised amount, and then agree on some goals to achieve together with the project that will unlock the raised amount.

With this system we ensure a better cooperation with projects and a high protection for investors

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