DVC and launchpad

GuildPad will not only help metaverse projects raise funds, but also assist them along the way in development, marketing, partnerships and public launch. We aim to be one of the biggest dvc in terms of community by partnering with the best upcoming projects and by having the best advisors in every field.

For every project that we launch we will fund them with money from our treasury in exchange for 1%-2% of the project tokens. This tokens will be allocated as follow:

  • 50% will go back to the treasury pool to ensure we can continue funding projects and growing

  • 30% will go to the staking reward program. With this we expand the number of investors involved in the launch as these tokens will be rewarded to stakers during 1 year.

  • 20% will go to the operations pool so we can sustain and grow the full time team and have resources for marketing and future developments

In the future, the projects that we launch will be elected by DAO voting, as part of our goal to become fully decentralized and controlled by the community, GuildPad will gradually move to a DAO where the community votes on any and all aspects of the ecosystem.

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