Short term impact & limited token dispersion

Short term impact

The advisory and promotional impact of the project disappear when the launch is done, hurting the engagement and the popularity. As important as the pre-launch phase is the postlauch pahse, where the project has to keep growing in users and engagement to fufill the roadmap.

Limited token dispersion

For us this is the biggest problem. Some launchpads don't attract much investors, so they give a high allocation to them. This latter is traduced to very few people interested in the project and the price dumps. Other launchpads only offer lottery allocation just to benefit their own token, but on the sales again few users participate meaning low token dispersion and making the project vurnerable.

GuildPad will make sure that all the projects launched by the platform are supported after the sale, and with our allocation system we offer double token dispersion than the market average.

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