Staking and farming

In order to participate in GuildPad’s ecosystem and be part of a tier, you will have to stake GPAD and hold G-COINS, which will allow you to stake META-COINS.

  • GPAD Staking: By staking GPAD you will earn GPAD tokens so that you can move up to a higher tier.

  • GPAD farming: You can stake GPAD-USDC LP tokens to get even more GPAD tokens.

  • META-COIN Staking: This is what makes GuildPad a different launchpad. By staking this NFTs you will earn a high APR not only on GPAD tokens, but also in SOL tokens and all the tokens the platform launches. This aims to reward the users that participate in GuildPad’s ecosystem and also to increase the number of investors that a sale reaches.

  • Staking rewards: Users that stake GPAD or META-COINS will get a reward every 30 days of staking. It will be a G-Potion based on these probabilities:

    • 45% Bang Potion

    • 25% Dino Potion

    • 15% Whale Potion

    • 10% Ape Potion

    • 5% Human Potion

Also, 30% of the tokens of the projects that we fund will be available as airdrop rewards for META-COINS stakers when the vesting period allow us.

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